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Review in Alt-Country Magazine(The Netherlands) - September 17, 2005

From the first listen of track one, “To Climb”, from Michael Joy’s “River Of Days”(Rivulet Music) one feels to be with a very dear friend. This is a confident debut of the east coast Joy,
that moved to the west coast, and now is living in Berkeley, California. Michael Joy has fashioned a fairly diverse and arresting mix of contemporary singer-songwriter pop, and seventies americana. These eleven songs are as catchy as hell! Fine laid back guitar lines and a beautiful groomed arrangement of each song.... Stand out songs are “Night Flight Over Water”, “Bakersfield”, “Mark Twain”, and “Better Men Than You”. This subtle CD, with certainly
commercial (positively meant) aspirations has much to offer. Considering the potency of the
songwriting, I expect in the future Michael Joy will find himself being courted by numerous
record labels. Meanwhile, there’s much here to enjoy on this excellent CD, “River Of Days”
Aug 05 review in Alt-Country (Netherlands) features "River Of Days" - July 22, 2005

Michael Joy hails from the East Coast, where he fronted a few groups before migrating to the West. He’s settled in Berkeley, a suitable spot for his easy mannered Americana, which is enriched with a glow of ‘70s era singer/songwriter charm. He is, at the core, a folk artist, but with a pop heart. And a Zen-like sense of warmth and wonder that imbues his subtle, yet crafty, material. Emmy nominated songwriter/producer Benjamin Birkbeck describes his songs and sounds as "a mix of Dylan, Traveling Wilburys, Beatles, Cowboy Junkies (and) The Grateful Dead with a modern alternative western rock edge." (Rivulet Music)

River Of Days in Rotation at over 130 College Radio Stations - June 22, 2005

River of days is now being played in over 130 college radio stations across North America. The radio campaign is in the early stages and we expect more stations to be added. Brandon Day, Director Of Radio Promotions at Tinderbox Music said "Overall the campaign is going well so far. We're into rotation at most of the stations, which is awesome. There are a great number of stations which have the record into solid rotation, and at a growing number of stations where it's still gaining momentum. The radio campaign runs for eight weeks and it's been great making contact with so many college radio music directors.

TinderBox Music Takes River Of Days to 300 College Stations - April 22, 2005

Tinderbox Music, a well established indie promotion
and publicity firm with offices in Minneapolis, Boston, and Nashville, has chosen to launch "River Of Days" on a nine week radio promotional campaign to 300 colleges across North America beginning May 10th.

FOLKWEB Adds River Of Days To Online Store - March 23, 2005, one of the
most popular and discerning internet stores for acoustic based music, plans to feature
"River Of Days" in early April.

Nickelodeon Uses Silence Speaks Louder - March 11, 2005

Nickelodeon's "My Best Friend's Date" has licensed
the use of "Silence Speaks Louder than Words" from
"River Of Days". More later
on when the show will appear.

River of Days "Bakersfield" Finalist in the Independent Music Awards - October 26, 2004

Just heard today that "Bakersfield" on "River of Days" is one of the five finalists in the Independent Music Awards.

Sign Contract With Optic Noise Music licensing and Placement - September 15, 2004

I'm happy after some time to say I've signed up with Lisa
Klein of Optic Noise for film
and T.V. music licensing and placement. Lisa's really been
a great champion of independent
musicians and I look forward to some good things happening for both of us from working together.

"River Of Days" Mixed and Mastered At The Plant - September 10, 2004

Thanks to Justin Phelps who did
an amazing job mixing the tracks and John Cuniberti's
mastering at the Plant, the Cd
was sent off today to Groove House Records for replication.
More on the plant and the final
mixes later.

Finished Recording Basic Tracks for "River Of Days" - May 12, 2004

Benji Farquhar guided the ship to harbor and I thank him for his great work. The
band members were so amazingly into the project.
They are all part of the band called "Exhaust" from the San Francisco bay area and you can check their stuff out at the website, or at The members are Dan Barber on
electric/acoustic guitar. Dan was a multi tasker here.Doing lead, slide, and some electric rhythm throughout the album. His
fingerprints are everywhere. Geoff Piper, is
a very talented bass player who intuitively knows what a song asks for.
Geoff has one solo album called "Wander" and more information about him and his music is available at the Imusicast website. Eric Schoen is a multi-instrumentalist that I'm hoping to use more extensively next album. His
mandolin playing and hand percussion were a big part
of the sound of the album.
Jeff Hoekman came down from Seattle in a whirlwind of playing and within a matter of a five hour session added so much to make the music what it is.
I don't want to forget the
master studio musician Steve Carter who's piano work can be heard on "The Bells of St. Mary's".
He's a brilliant player and I'm looking forward to working with him again. Benji Farquhar is one of those players who listens and enters into a song like few others. His creative input is a huge part of why the album has the sure rhythmic structure it does.
Benji is the producer/engineer of the
recording and as I said earlier, it wouldn't be what it is without Ben's devotion to getting things right. Finally, a thank you to Rob Fisher who played stand up bass, and Shira
Kammen who player violin,
on "The Bells Of St. Mary's",
and "Perfect Strangers", and Mark Zinns on pedal steel whom I really would like to work with again. Skyline is a small studio with creative people coming by all the time and I
must send a thank you to Grammy Award winning engineer, Michael Rosen, for his support during the recording, and to Bryan Matheson, owner of Skyline Studios.
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