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michaeljoy: Music

Precious Flower

(Michael Joy)
July, 2007
Michael Joy

My mother said to me
Son beware there’s more to true love than play
It’s a flower, a precious flower
Let nothing steal it away

At the dead end of day where the black crow reigns
I walk the back lots to her street
In fading light, fading light
My heart busy moving to my feet

I was a man who boarded up the years
Let the blood in my dreams run cold
Now look at me, look at me
I am blessed and I bless as I go

Precious flower waiting there for me
You don’t need to woo me none
Precious flower I too am a child of the sun

The dogs see me come
And follow me down in the antique light from above
To my flower, to my flower
In the fields of mysterious love

Precious flower our joy is complete
There’s no fight to get things won
Precious flower what a spell on me you spun